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Brand History

Kingsley Heath is African luxury. Conceptualised in 1994, Africa shines through its originality, diversity, authenticity and creativity, all of which are essential components of what defines luxury.

Our brand is steeped in tradition and is rich with heritage. A truly authentic African Brand. We celebrate many African heroes, wild places, customs, symbols, sport, art, rituals and lifestyles. We celebrate all that is awesome about the continent of Africa.

The celebration of our African life is evident everywhere. An exotic, luxurious old style, with a new mood and soul. Our designs are inspired by our rich history and African culture. Kingsley Heath - Casual Luxury.

Embracing all that Africa has to offer today: sundowners on the Serengeti plains, horseback safari in the Okavango, Markets in Mozambique, dhow sailing the coast of Zanzibar, a stroll through the grounds of Hilton College in the Midlands, or climbing in the magnificent amphitheatre of the Drakensberg, one understands that we have an identity that is truly ours.

It is with this spirit that we offer sophisticated yet contemporary apparel and footwear. Men’s rugged travelled-in pieces which are contrasted by the softer ladies apparel, such as flirty, sheer ruffle blouses, feminine cotton camisoles with intricate embellishments, super-soft t-shirts with hand rendered artworks and vintage styled appliqués.

The Kingsley retail experience strives to be an holistic one, filled with the sounds, scents, touches and hues so that our visitors, who are after all kindred spirits, will have had an experience over and above our distinctive product.

Life is in the details and we are always making our experience better. The things you don’t notice at first, but you can’t ignore. Our fabric, embellishments, details, perfect fits and quality of workmanship. We pay attention to the detail, we are not content. We wake up every day to make our creations and brand experience as good as they can be, so when you visit us or wear our product, you feel like you are free, you are on your own  private African safari adventure.